Sunday, June 3, 2012

Polka Dot Tiered Planter

My project for the day was this tiered planter. Thanks to Positively Splendid for this very cute idea! It was another Pinspiration from Pinterest, of course! B napped while I painted the pots, but when she woke up she helped me fill the potting soil. She kept saying "more dirt!!" She learned a new word today... She now runs around the yard pointing out all the "pots, pots!!" Aww, she's such a joy and a blessing! This project turned out really cute and reminded me of lady bugs:) I also think it compliments the black and red porch theme pretty well. Plan on painting my door red soon as well. It is currently dark green. I'll be sharing that when I get around to it:) Toodleooo!

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