Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

I have been diligently working for two straight days on this wreath. Finally finished! I have to say, it turned out beautiful! Be forewarned...this is a time consuming and meticulous project, but well worth the results. I borrowed the idea from Lovely Crafty Home. Thanks for a great tutorial!

So I started by coloring the coffee filters in old empty ice cream buckets of different diluted paint colors, most of which were a mixture of different colors till I got what I liked. I used about a 1/2 inch of water and mixed in my paint colors so that I could color several filters at a time. The cream colored filters were colored with brewed tea. I then spread my coffee filters out on an old blanket to dry. Lovely Crafty Home hung hers on a line to dry and I think that would have probably worked better for me if I had a place to do it.

I used a foam wreath.

I used floral pins to attach the flowers.

Here is a coffee filter flower in the making. Get the full flower tutorial here.

Here is the finished product! What a beauty!


Meet the Family

Hi! These are some pretty recent pics of my family on one of our silly shenanigans. So let me introduce you!

Grandmama and Paw Paw: (Do they not look too young to be grandparents?!)

Me and my very handsome, single (ladies;), and hilarious brother:

B and her favorite uncle. Aww Wee!

B being silly with Paw Paw.

And B just being precious B!

That's all for now!

Mod Podge Rocks!

Ok, so here's a little more of my fun-ness over the past few months. Mod Podge truly rocks! Can't believe I've never used it before now!
Here are a few things I've podged lately:

Light Switches:

(made from wall tiles)

Oatmeal container to headband holder:

Picture frames:

A little birdy:

A laundry sign:

Wow! I've been Mod Podge crazy! But it is a fast, simple, and fun way to decorate almost anything!

Hanging Book Sling

So, I only get spurts of time for things like this, due to a certain toddler who rightly demands my absolute attention at all times! So, most of my blog posts will probably come out all in one day like this to catch up on all things I've been wanting to post but have been too busy to do so. I really wanted to use this blog to help me keep up with my Pinterest projects and to share them with others to prove that fun crafts can be done by those of us common folk with schedules and lives and less than perfect creative ability. I have become absolutely addicted to Pinterest since I found it. I think because I have needed some stress relief and creating really makes me feel good right now! Most of what you see here that I have created will not be original. This is not a "how-to" or tutorial blog. These projects are direct copies of others found on Pinterest. I will try to link up the tutorials for each project if they are available to give credit where credit is due.
So here's one of our latest favorites. The Hanging Book Display. We love it because it can be put at toddler level and allows kids to see the front of books so they recognize them easier. This makes more sense as a book display for toddlers because they can't read titles on spines yet. Here is our creation with contributions and help from grandmama:)

This idea was borrowed from Penny Carnival. I pretty much followed her steps, but discovered that I didn't have to double my fabric because it was heavy duty enough as is. So I ended up with extra fabric. This is not a problem because I will be making B a cute dress from it soon, that post to come later;) These are the supplies we used:

1. Piece of thick fabric 23 inches x 37 inches (You will need only 2/3 yard (note: you will need about 48 inches width for the 4 ft dowel, I used a 3 ft dowel)
2. Two 36 in wooden dowels, 5/8 in round
3. Two double curtain rod brackets. I could only find these at Lowes- $5 each (most expensive part of the project)

B has loved her book sling! We plan on making another for the playroom soon!

Potty Parties!

So we have made the decision to go ahead with potty training our almost 18 month old sweetheart (jaw drop!) But, trust me, I always said when my child starts telling me she needs a diaper change, it would be time. (Of course its all about communication in a house with a speech therapist, lol!) Sure enough, B has been telling us for a few weeks now, "booboo" accompanied by a point to the rear end (cuteness!). So mama went out and got the potty at the Wally World. As we are strolling around the baby department with B and her potty in the cart, B gets the attention of a customer with her usual friendly "Hey!" The woman gives her a few sweet compliments then states to me, "Are you potty training her?" I smile politely, but I'm thinking to myself "No, the potty is for me, I have decided I need a miniature pink throne to do my business!" I knew her thoughts behind that question- "That baby is way too young for potty training." Well I know I am a first-time mama, but I know my baby and I had no doubt she would be pottying like a pro in no time! Afterall, back in the day when stay-at-home mamas were training my generation, babies were usually trained by age 2. So, after about 3 or four days of talking about how booboos go in the potty and following mama and daddy and grandmama and nana to the bathroom every trip, B boo booed in her potty! She was so very proud of herself and we made an ordeal out of watching the boo boos go bye-bye when they were flushed (I know, the joys of being a kid!! Even poop is entertaining!) I am excited to say that B has continued interest in the potty and had a second potty triumph with her daddy yesterday. I love this story so much that it inspired me to write this whole silly potty post to begin with. It just reminds me again that B has an awesome daddy and her relationship with him is such a special one! So the story goes that B begins to announce that she has to "boo boo" shortly after arriving at daddy's house. Daddy has not had a chance to go out and get a training potty for B as we have just made the decision to go forth with the plan. So, being the good daddy that he is, he grabbed her up and put her on the big toilet and proceeded to hold her there while she laid her head on his shoulder and they shared a father-daughter poopy experience!! Hahahaha! I only wish I had a picture to capture this sweetness!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Toddler Tidbits

So its 1:00 am Friday night. I am up creating a blog because I need one more thing on my "To Do" list. For Real Dawg! But hey, it's fun and I am a childless mama tonight as my baby is "snug as a bug" with her daddy tonight.
So, I just have no idea about this blog thing yet, but just came across this picture I took of my 17 month-old baby girl yesterday. It makes me laugh cause it reminds me that I am a good mama, dog-gone-it! This was my very entertaining toddler toy invention meant to occupy little B so I could cook our yummy dinner. It's a dinner roll...with a spaghetti noodle stuck in it...and fruit loops for stacking...Genius right! Well B thought so until she ate up all the fruit loopies and commenced to yelling "More! More!" Ohh how I love being a mama!