Friday, July 27, 2012

Pillowcase Dress

Thank the Lord for a mother who can sew! My mama will be giving me some sewing lessons here soon and I am sooo excited. I've never really had the "yearning for the learning" until this little bundle of joy came along. Now I have all these ideas of things I want to make for my daughter! My mama made alot of clothes for me when I was little and I used to soak in all the compliments I got on my clothes. I was never embarrassed of home-made clothes, I was soo proud that my mama made it! I hope B will be proud too. Most likely she''ll hit that age where everything embarrasses her and I'll have to stop:( I remember the day my mama went to the school counselor because she was concerned that I didn't want to wear bows in my hair any more! Hahahaha!) Anyway, I love my mama for all she is and all she has done and continues to do for me and her lil grandbaby. This is my mama's latest creation- a pillowcase dress...made from an actual pillow case. I loooove it! B looks so sweet and innocent wearing it doesn't she!! Hehe! Thanks Mama!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tutu Cute!

Every little girl meeds a tutu in my opinion! These are some I have made for B. So much easier to make than I ever thought! Can't wait to make her one for Halloween or Christmas this year!

Owl Nursey Mobile

I made this a while back for a friend who was having a baby girl. Her nursery theme was owls. This was my most favorite project ever! It turned out ohh sooo cute! Would love to do something similar with other animals!

Crayon Clock

Been wanting to make this for a while. It is finally on my wall in my therapy room at work! It's just plain cute and all my kids want to talk about it. Always good to have something to talk about in speech therapy!!

Very simple to make. All you need is a cheap clock, a cheap box of crayons, and a hot glue gun. Tadaa!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Coral and teal bracelet

Pinned Image

I made this bracelet today and thought it turned out cute. It was a copy of one I saw floating around Pinterest (of course!). I am happy with the finished product, but can't say I'm really into any more jewelry was tedious work for me. Especially when it involves cutting chains and connecting clasps as this one did! Also, I was very surprised at the cost of jewelry making supplies. After having to buy a cutting tool, clasps, embroidery thread, and the silver chain, this ended up costing me $13! Could've bought a nice bracelet for that, but at least I have the tools and supplies to try again if I happen to forget what a pain it was, lol! Anyway, I loved wearing it today, so it's all good!