Friday, July 13, 2012

Coral and teal bracelet

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I made this bracelet today and thought it turned out cute. It was a copy of one I saw floating around Pinterest (of course!). I am happy with the finished product, but can't say I'm really into any more jewelry was tedious work for me. Especially when it involves cutting chains and connecting clasps as this one did! Also, I was very surprised at the cost of jewelry making supplies. After having to buy a cutting tool, clasps, embroidery thread, and the silver chain, this ended up costing me $13! Could've bought a nice bracelet for that, but at least I have the tools and supplies to try again if I happen to forget what a pain it was, lol! Anyway, I loved wearing it today, so it's all good!


  1. Cute...where did you get the chain from?

  2. Michaels jewelry-making supplies section